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Dual Enrollment

Female College Students

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Importance And Benefits Of Dual Enrollment

Amia Groomes

Benefits Of Dual Enrollment

The number one benefit from dual enrollment is that you learn new academic habits and skills. This can help you navigate college, life, or whatever your next steps may be in life. Another benefit is that you can earn transferable college credits. This could put you on track to start a major or a minor early. Even knock out some requirements earlier than your peers. The next benefit is that you can form your own standpoint of what skills and education level you need to do well in college or specific career path. A final benefit is that you could complete high school or college before your peers. This could help you gain a career or an understanding of what you want to do with your life.


Things About Dual Enrollment You May Not Know

Some facts about dual enrolment are unknown because the opportunity is not always presented to everyone or not presented in the same way. Dual enrollment has increased the number of high school and college graduates since it was introduced. A lot of people may not know that dual enrollment can help you graduates with your associates degree and high school diploma. Meaning you can graduate college with a bachelor's degree and associates degree. Which is better when you are trying to start your career after your college graduation.

My Experience

I did dual enrollment in my senior year of high school. I took two college classes at my local community college in addition to my regular high school classes. The first semester I took an English class and communications class because I thought I would want to minor in communications. My second semester I took a women's studies class and another communications class. I used my dual enrollment journey to explore classes and figure out what I liked and did not like. I also used it to prepare myself for a college workload. This Journey helped me transition into college a little easier because I was prepared for the heavy workload, and I learned different study techniques from my dual enrollment class. This led to better grades and a less stressful first year of college for me. My dual enrollment process also earned me nine credits that transferred to my college. This is great because it gave me more leeway to explore classes and put me on a track to finish my communications minor quicker than if I were to start it the start of my freshman year. Overall, my first year has been amazing because my extra credits and prior knowledge allowed me to explore more classes and clubs to see where I fit and what I like. Also, it has been very good mentally because as most people know the first year of college can be very stressful/ difficult because of the workload, being in a new environment, new people, etc. But from my experience I learned different techniques for studying that have helped me with assignments, tests, time management, and organization. I am actively still in college now but as a side note, my older sister also did dual enrollment in her senior year, and it gave her the ability to graduate college a semester early. I would 1000% recommend dual enrollment for everyone to at least try their senior year of high school.

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