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Dr. Jean-Claude Dutès is a Fully Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Certified Mental Health Counselor, with more than twenty years of professional experience. He was born and lived in Haiti until his early teenage years when his parents brought him to New York. Having been deeply marked by his time in Haiti, he has become a student of Haitian psychology and cultural life, living forever in the nostalgia of his homeland and of his hopes for a fairer and more inclusive Haiti.

In his professional experiences Dr. Dutès has worked with Haitian refugees, provided consultation services to a number of agencies involved in resettlement effort in Michigan, and has served as an expert witness in cases involving Haitians experiencing adjustment issues in states across the United States. Recently, he has provided post trauma psychological services to students at the Faculté des Sciences Infirmières de Léôgane of the Université Épiscopale D’Haïti, the epicenter of the Earthquake. He is currently doing research in attention and working on a parenting book for Haitian parents.

Dr. Dutès has a wide and varied range of experience in the fields of Cross Cultural Psychology, Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation psychology. He has published articles related to the evaluation and adjustment experiences of culturally different persons living in the United States. As part of his doctoral dissertation, he examined the effects of stress on foster parents’ parenting skills, and trained foster parents in parenting skills.

Dr. Dutès hold several professional positions as educator, mental health practitioners and consultant. He is the Section Leader of the Psychology Section of Rehabilitation Services, Dept. Of Radiology, College of human Medicine, Clinical Associate Professor in the Dept. of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation of the College of Osteopathic and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and special education at Medicine at Michigan State University. He is also the president of Learning Enhancement and Psychological Services, a company providing mental health services to Michigan residents and coaching services to residents of other states and countries.

Currently in Michigan, Dr. Dutès expects to relocate in South Florida in the next three years and can be reached at or at 517-432-0823.

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