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Ruth Ambroise has been practicing in the South Florida area for over ten years as a Social Worker. She received her Master of Social Work Degree from Florida Atlantic University and since that time has spent most of her time working predominantly with Haitian individuals and families. This degree along with the continued mentorship she received from the university faculty and staff over the years has positively affected Ruth’s practice in the field. Ruth is an adjunct professor with the Florida Atlantic University School of Social Work and has been teaching for over six years. Over the years Ruth has found it both rewarding and frustrating working with the Haitian community. The rewards stem from her ability to communicate with her people and teach them how to access much needed services and witness the positive affects this has on the families and the frustration stems from the many, many obstacles the community has to deal with to just get their basic needs met.

As a professor and a practicing Social Worker, Ruth has encountered many Haitians who are either beginning their practice or have been practicing for years. It is her hope that she can bring these two groups of people together to provide support for each other, while supporting the community at large. This support is much needed as the Haitian community continues to grow and it seems an increasing number of us are managing to enter into the wrong systems. In an attempt to try to continue to positively impact her community she is calling out to area Haitian professionals to join her in mentoring and providing much needed support in various sectors of the community. Sectors such as the: foster care system, educational system, legal system, financial system etc...

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