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Provide supportive guidance and counseling to children of Haitian descent who are in the foster care system.

Provide guidance and counseling to Haitian college students. Assist students with identifying local resources to meet their financial needs as well mental health and physical health needs



Positively impact each child/student whose life we have the opportunity to touch.


  • Mentor

  • Support

  • Link

  • Counsel


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Welcome To Our Community

Hello and thank you for your interest in our cause. As Haitian professionals we feel that we can all do our small part in impacting our community in a positive manner. As such we have decided to come together to do just that by providing the much needed support and guidance that we feel the young people of our community are in need of.

We welcome all persons who would embrace this vision to effect change in the lives of these young people.

Thank You.

What we do

Link with foster care agencies and offer to spend time with foster children of Haitian descent with the hope of providing the much needed mental health support with the appropriate cultural nuances.

Haitian college students unlike most students sometimes need that extra support in order to successfully accomplish their goals of gaining degrees of higher education. We will provide these students with that much needed guidance and support to try and increase the number of successful graduates. In addition; we will use our knowledge of community resources to guide them in accessing social services to help meet their basic needs.  

We will also continue to reach out and recruit persons of Haitian heritage to share their knowledge and expertise with this very vulnerable population.

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